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This past week the United States Supreme Court overruled a state law that provided for an automatic 1/3 reimbursement on a personal injury settlement for a state’s Medicaid lien. The case is attached to this blog post and is called Wos vs. E.M.A. In this case the state of North Carolina legislature had passed a law that provided for up to 1/3 of a 2.8 settlement involving in this case a catastrophically injured baby. The court ruled that the percentage was arbitrary and did not take into consideration of specifics to a particular case, such as the fact that in this case there were likely future medical expenses that well exceeded the amount the case settled for in addition to the fact that the settlement agreement did not specify any amount for past medical expenses. The state of Florida also has a similar statute and this case is helpful in either defeating or reducing such liens. Wos vs. E.M.A.