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March 24, 2023, marked a major change in Florida law governing how long you have to file a lawsuit claiming negligence. Specifically, lawsuits claiming negligence that seek justice for injuries, harm, and damages caused by someone else. This includes car accidents, unsafe conditions on property, and any other type of theories of liability based on negligence, including negligenct supervision, negligent monitoring, inadequate training, violations of company policies and procedures, municipal codes, county ordinances, rules of administrative law, and even Florida Statutes. Florida Statute 95.11 previously provided for a 4 year statute of limitations for negligence actions. In 2023, this was amended to 2 years. Now, Florida Statute 95.11 (4) (a) requires negligence actions be filed within 2 years. The law took effect March 24, 2023 when signed into law by the governor. Having a claim with an insurance company is not sufficient to protect your rights. A lawsuit must be filed in the appropriate jurisdiction prior to the expiration of the two-year statute of limitations.