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If you are a Medicare recipient and have been involved in any type of accident, you should report it to the Medicare Coordination of Benefits office as soon as possible.

Each year, Medicare pays for millions of dollars in medical bill claims for services related to car accidents, fall injuries, and other types of liability and workers compensation claims. By notifying Medicare up front, you ensure you are in compliance with federal law that requires that Medicare be protected in the event of a third party liability claim, an auto accident no fault claim, medical payments claim, workers compensation claim, or other insurance claims.

This law is part of the public policy of our nation to protect the U.S. Treasure from paying for medical care that should be covered by other insurance. Why should us taxpayers foot the bill for medical costs caused by a negligent truck driver, for example, or a defective product, or a company that violated safety rules and caused someone injuries?

You can initiate the process by calling the Coordination of Benefits Office at (800) 999-1118 or by writing to:

MEDICARE–Coordination of Benefits
P.O. Box 33847
Detroit, MI 48232 –5847

You will need to give the date of your accident, a description of the injuries sustained, the name and address of the at fault party and any other available insurance company, as well as your date of birth, Medicare number and mailing address. For more information on Medicare Coordination of Benefits, please click this link for the official brochure: Medicare COB

Our office is a registered member of the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor portal and is available to assist Medicare recipients with the coordination of benefits process required by law.