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When a student exhibits bullying behavior it is a risk factor for future potential violence. Parents, students and teachers need to all be open and honest about bullying problems and report any problems to the school’s administrative leadership. Kids typically bully other kids because of emotional problems that can range from anger, fear and low self-esteem. A trained counselor can work with the student to turn them around at an early juncture and thereby avoid future potential harm to others. By ignoring these signs and symptoms we set ourselves up for disasters that result in serious incidents involving physical injury, property damage or in the worst of cases, death.

Two new lesson plans for the Justice Teaching are available on bullying. The first lesson plan, “The Truth About Bullies,” teaches students about the characteristics of bullies. This lesson plan also offers tools for addressing bullying conduct in school.

The second lesson plan, “Bullies: Who Bullies Are, What Bullying Is, and How We Stop It,” teaches students what types of conduct constitute bullying under Florida law. This lesson also offers tools for addressing bullying conduct in school, and presents the long-term consequences of bullying.

The second lesson plan provides a link to the policy on bullying for each school district in Florida. The Florida Statute that governs bullying in public schools states that “Distribution of safe schools funds provided to a school district in fiscal year 2010-2011 and thereafter shall be contingent upon and payable to the school district upon the school district’s compliance with all reporting procedures contained in this section.”

As a trained Justice Teaching volunteer, Mr. O’Leary is available to speak to students on these important lessons and practical application in the real world of our schools. The goals of public outreach law related education is to help improve the health, safety and welfare of our most important asset, our children, as they grow and develop through our school system. If you are interested in scheduling Mr. O’Leary to speak at your school to lead a session on bullying and school safety you may call (239) 947-8900.