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When dealing with any aspect of government, it is critical that we always remember who is in charge: the citizens. Our government representatives are there to help us and serve us. If you do not ask for help, you will not get any.

This month I was dealing with an issue for one of my client’s who owed money back to Medicare under the Medicare Secondary Payer law. MSPRC is the contractor that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health & Human Services, hired to process reimbursement claims. In my case MSPRC prematurely sent my office a demand for payment, it included incorrect information that significantly increased the amount my client would have to pay back.

I had sent multiple fax notices to MSPRC and the account was not being adjusted properly. This process normally occurs after all personal injury cases settle when Medicare has paid for claims that are related to the accident or incident that the case is about. Many years ago this was awful to deal with, it took forever. It has at least gotten better in recent years. However, in this case there was a problem that I was not getting corrected after multiple attempts.

I had the idea to contact Senator Nelson’s office to look in to this. I was very pleased with how quickly Senator Nelson addressed my client’s issue and took action. I received the attached letter dated April 11, 2013 from him very soon after I contacted him saying he was going to look into it. On April 16, Medicare MSPRC sent a letter to Senator Nelson saying they would send a letter to my client and I within ten days. On April 20, 2013 I received a letter from Medicare MSPRC saying “we agree with your dispute” and that Medicare considers this debt resolved.

This was gratifying to me on multiple levels. First and foremost, because my client’s issue was resolved favorably to us according to the facts and the law. Moreover, it is very reassuring of the effectiveness of our nation’s federal system in which Congress provides oversight of federal agency action. Last, I was impressed with the efficiency of Senator Nelson’s staff in how this was handled in such a timely fashion.

I, as one citizen, appreciate the important work you are doing. You legislating and operating in a difficult partisan environment. I encourage you to continue to perform your very important work of governing in such an efficient and professional manner.

Here are copies of the letters, redacted to protect client confidentiality: nelson_intervention

James L. O’Leary, II