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You want to learn all you can about a law firm before you hire them to represent you in a personal injury claim. Read what our former clients have to say here.

Google Reviews

EXCELLENT SERVICE! When I was rear-ended on my way to church with my kids in the back seat, my family and I needed help. My daughter and I were taken to the hospital in an ambulance and needed follow-up care. The bills piled in and PIP (personal injury protection) only covers so much. I was pretty sure I had exhausted the limit by the time we left the hospital. As it turned out, the other driver had very limited insurance that did not cover any of our medical treatment. I was trying not to panic about how to pay for everything. Plus, juggling doctor appointments, searching for a new car, taking care of my daughter’s injuries, trying to take care of my injuries, going to work, school, etc. I knew I needed an attorney, but wondered how I would pay for one. An attorney from church recommended Mr. O’Leary. He responded quickly and even came to my house. He helped me understand that I had uninsured motorist insurance with Progressive. He got us the maximum payment from Progressive, and talked with the hospital and other doctors to lower our co-payments. He returned calls/text promptly (He gave us his cell phone number). He also worked on a contingency fee (if I did not get any money, he would not get any money). Numerous times, I told him I was worried (because of all the bills) that my case was not worth his time. I knew he was working hard and felt terrible that he might not be paid for his work. He always assured me that it was okay, and that I could just focus on my family. He had me forward all of the bills to him. Then, he kept his word and worked hard for us. I don’t know how he got the hospital and doctors to lower our co-payments so much. I am VERY grateful that he was with us every step of the way. He was truly an advocate for my family, and made me see why personal injury attorneys are really important and needed. Thanks Jim!

Jacqueline Coronel


In any accident case , anxiety can pile up pretty quickly. How do I go about seeking medical treatment and by when, what attorney do I call, who can I trust etc. All these questions were simplified by selecting James O’Leary.
He was patient and walked through every detail with me all the way through completion . I am grateful for his passion and his knowledge and I would highly recommend doing business with him.

Luis Cartagena


Selecting a lawyer is a very personal experience generally done at a very scary moment in someone’s life. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jim 12 years ago and have never regretted a day of it since. I have needed him for a couple of issues which he has helped me through and never disappointed. He has been honest and fair and most importantly even when I didn’t require his specific area of expertise he has done whatever he can to help and guide me through various scenarios. The legal world is a river of lava and Jim is the raft to get you to the other side. Highly recommended!

Ben Crotteau



5 stars are not enough for Mr. James O’Leary. He is a compassionate, understanding, and caring attorney. He understood my needs and expectations from the first phone call. He kept me up to date on all matters involved in my case. He did not settle for less than what my expectations were. It took less than a year to get my case resolved and finalized. Other attorneys would have settled on the first offer they received, Jim did not. He was not willing to settle for less than the amount needed to make me whole again. Jim would not talk at me, but, to me. I never felt belittled or less than. As I stated earlier, all my needs and expectations were met and then some. Thank you to Jim and his staff for everything they were able to help me with. If you or someone you know are looking for a well educated, compassionate, and caring attorney, the office of James O’Leary will be your best decision. Thank you again James O’Leary.

Ann Warren


5 star testimonials

While on vacation in Ft. Myers, I was injured when a person hit me with their golf cart. I was so fortunate to have found James O’Leary to represent me. He was kind, compassionate and thorough. I especially appreciated his timely updates on the progress he was making with my case. His results were much better than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend him.

Vicki Morreale

5 star testimonials

Found Mr. O’Leary on google. I didn’t know much about him only what I saw on his reviews. So I took a chance. Best decision I ever made. He was with us every step of the way. Made sure we understood what was going on with our case at all times. And our outcome was way better than expected.

Senaida Borrego

I highly recommend Jim for all of your personal injury case needs. He is professional yet one of the kindest, most honest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Jim is effeicient and genuinely cares. I’ve worked as a paralegal for 14 years and have worked with and gotten to know many attorneys along the way – Jim is truly the best in my opinion. Thanks for everything, Jim.


A word of thanks to Attorney O’Leary for helping me with my accident case. I appreciated his kind and professional demeanor, and excellent organizational skills. I never experienced a bodily injury case personally, and, I now realize the toll it can take on ones nerves. Thanks for helping me feel confident in my decision making; I am happy with the end result.

Cindy Coccia

James L. O’Leary is one of the most professional and hard-working men I have ever met. When I needed council after an accident involving my daughter and me, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and a great listener. He was expedient in both his response-time to my questions and communication with the insurance company. Jim is also a kind person with an even-keeled demeanor. He clearly communicated my options and did not rush me to make decisions. Due to his expertise and patience, my case settled for more than I had anticipated! He has my full confidence and trust, and I would highly recommend him to any friend or stranger.

Emily Brown

I engaged attorney O’Leary to handle a personal injury case after the insurance company had denied all liability. Through O’Leary’s efforts and case management we were able to successfully achieve a significant settlement without having to go to trial.

I would highly recommend attorney O’Learly; he is a pleasure to work with.

Jerry Girsch

I sought help from James O’Leary after an accident involving my wife and child. We felt that both insurance companies were doing their utmost to do as little as possible.

Mr. O’Leary helped us navigate the pile of medical claims, increased our understanding through clear communication, looked out for our best interests, and in the end won us a fair settlement.

James O’Leary is a thoughtful and thorough professional who is easy to work with. I would highly recommend his services to my family or friends.

James Brown

Found Jim on Google. Yes I Googled a personal injury lawyer. A BMW SUV smacked into me on my bike in Naples, FL. I was staying only a few hundred yards from Jim’s office, so what the hell I walked over there and found an honest, honorable, highly capable lawyer. Settlement was more than I expected, much more and Jim was incredibly helpful with Medicare notices etc. I just left t everything in his capable hands. And capable hands they were. Too bad he wasn’t running for President!

Benjamin Horwitz


Jim O’Leary is a first-rate personal injury attorney. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the community. He is well-known to achieve incredible results for his clients. When it comes to selecting a personal injury attorney, don’t be swayed by billboards and TV ads. With those firms, you never know what you’re going to get. When you hire James O’Leary, you are getting a high quality, experienced trial attorney who the insurance companies respect. Highly recommended!

Frank Piazza


James was very caring and professional. He was always honest and prepared me for every step of the process with court, mediation and always left the decision of what I wanted to do up to me. He didn’t try to force me to trial or to settle. He gave me all the facts from both sides and supported my decisions and kept me updated throughout the whole process. If you want a personal, caring and committed lawyer, James is your best choice!

tosha baker


My family and I had the good fortune to have Jim O’Leary advise and help us concerning a car accident. He was very effective and efficient in guiding us through a pretty bad situation. With his help we brought the case to a resolution that benefited us and help us to have closure. I recommend Jim to anyone who is looking for representation in a personal injury case.

Ara Volkan


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